California Early 00s G-Rap Horror Core Scaramento

【G-Rap】【Horror Core】Young Jayda – Nonfiktion Vol. 2

Sacramento, California, In 2002, Executive Producer – Keith Owens

Young Jayda, half of the legendary G-rap duo Nonfiktion that made a name for themselves in the late 90s alongside Gangsta Dre. Even when rapping over East Coast-style tracks, Jayda's distinctive style is marked by a natural cadence and articulate flow that seamlessly fits.

⑭ Unforgiven

The delicate and poignant tones of the keyboard, as if they might vanish with a gentle breath, along with the striking sounds of dry drums, create a memorable atmosphere.

⑮ My Circle

An evil bass that feels like the ceiling might collapse, and the crisp sound of snappy snares, complemented by Jayda's sharp flow, make this track stand out. The shout of "Nigga everybody Die!" adds a cool touch.

The album is filled with dark and banging tracks, characteristic of Sacramento. The vibe is reminiscent of the gritty sound of Horrorcore, similar to what Mobb Deep, known for it in NYC, was doing. In fact, one could argue that Nonfiktion's position is not far off from being called the West Coast's Mobb Deep.

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