Bay-Funk California GO Twice Mid 90s Oakland Roggie

【Bay-Funk】The Govenor and The House Reps – Floss Mode

Oakland, California, In 1995, Producer – D.J.D. Go TwiceLev Jay SoulRogg*, The House Reps

"Floss Mode" is an album dropped during the golden era of the Bay Area, featuring a stellar lineup of guest appearances including 2 Pac, The Luniz, and Cydal. It's a rich and diverse collection of songs, making it an album with plenty of highlights.

⑧ Haters Rest In Peace

The weighty bass, dramatic keyboards, and the light, playful tones of the flute bring about an indescribable sense of ecstasy.

⑩ Dayz Grow Longer

Showcases a blend of rugged bass, smooth high-pitched synthesizers, and emotive female vocals, creating something truly impressive.

Other notable tracks include "Hustlin' Is the Final," featuring female chorus, "Po' Nigga Bluez" with a sample from Grover Washington Jr's "Just The Two Of Us," and "Still On Parole," which incorporates a sample from DeBarge's "I Like It," all of which captivate the listener's ears.

-Bay-Funk, California, GO Twice, Mid 90s, Oakland, Roggie