Bruce "Grim Reaper" Rhodes G-Funk Kansas City Mid 90s Missouri

【G-Funk】Mass 187 – Real Trues Paying Dues

Kansas City, Missouri, In 1995, Producer, Mixed By – Bruce "Grim Reaper" Rhodes

"Real Trues Paying Dues" is a classic G-Rap album that propelled the G-Funk wave from the mid-90s on the West Coast to blossom in the Midwest, accelerating the nationwide G-Funk movement.

① 187 4 Life

Features the quintessential G-Funk elements, including worm-typed synthesizer, lingering vibes and earth-crawling bass, and occasional gunshots, creating a thrilling atmosphere.

⑧ Gangsta Strut

Contrasts hard-hitting snares and deep bass with the serene tones of a flute, The vocals of a female singer, conveying both melancholy and transparency, add a pleasant touch to the song.

Throughout the album, the sound production focused on pursuing a mellow vibe stands out with the notable contribution of the female singer/rapper. The laid-back flow of the main MCs is refined, making it a polished example of G-FUNK. It delivers a richness that's not overpowering, akin to enjoying bacon and eggs on a sunny terrace in the morning, coupled with the refreshing sensation of squeezing fresh lemon into natural spring water.

-Bruce "Grim Reaper" Rhodes, G-Funk, Kansas City, Mid 90s, Missouri