California G-Funk Los Angeles Mid 90s

【G-Funk】Mad CJ Mac – True Game

Los Angeles, California, In 1995, Producer, Coordinator [Production Coordinator] – CJ MacMAD

Mad CJ Mac is a G-rap duo hailing from South Central Los Angeles, formed by producer MAD and rapper CJ Mac. Their music is a West Coast Classic that shines with CJ Mac's laid-back flow and gritty voice, set against tracks that epitomize the G-Funk genre.

④ Come And Take A Ride

From the beginning to the end, the high-pitched Worm-typed Synthesizer dominates the entire song, creating an addictive monster track that captivates with euphoria. It's a West Coast anthem that proudly declares, "G-Funk is here!"

⑪ Dead Man Walkin'

With the undulating high-pitched Worm-typed Synthesizer, transparent keyboard tones, and CJ Mac's calmly expressive flow, this song also features the soul-stirring vocals and shouts of singer Tré Unique, adding a touch of glamour and melancholy.

Throughout the album, the extensive use of synthesizers combined with laid-back flows creates a sound production that is irresistible to enthusiasts, culminating in a Chill vibe. It stands as a landmark of the Smooth G-Funk Sound that emerged in mid-90s Los Angeles.

-California, G-Funk, Los Angeles, Mid 90s