"G-Man" Stan Keith Bay-Funk California East Palo Alto Late 90s Mac Dad-E Matt Kelley

【Bay-Funk】Mac & A.K. – Westbound (For Riders Only) The EP

East Plao Alto, California, In 1996, Mixed By – "G-Man" Stan Keith* (3), Mac Dad-EMatt Kelley (1, 2, 4 to 7), Sanija Ross (1, 2, 4 to 7)

"Westbound (For Riders Only) The EP" is a masterpiece from the golden era of the Bay Area, featuring the laid-back flows of two MCs over the serene and soft tracks crafted by the string virtuoso G-Man, incorporating high-pitched synthesizers.

② Killa Kali

Creates a chill vibe with transparent and undulating synthesizers, accompanied by the smooth tones of a guitar.

⑤ Can I Strike Through

The restrained guitar tone that quietly follows the angular bass sound makes the tones of other instruments stand out, and the female singer's ephemeral singing brings a sense of euphoria.

Throughout the EP, it adheres to the Smooth G-Funk Manner, prioritizing a pleasant listening experience. It's the kind of music you'd want to enjoy on a Sunday morning, basking in the sunlight.

-"G-Man" Stan Keith, Bay-Funk, California, East Palo Alto, Late 90s, Mac Dad-E, Matt Kelley