Dope E G-Rap Huston Ice Mike Mid 90s Texas Tiger

【G-Rap】20-2-Life – Up 4 Parole

Houston, Texas, In 1995, Producer: Black Dope EIce MikeKlondike KatTiger

20-2-life is a Houston based Hip-Hop duo comprised of Black and Killa Hoe. Associated with the south park coalition.

③ After Servin A Deuce

The resounding tones of horns echoing loudly from a distance, combined with the crisp sounds of a dry snare and hi-hat, create a lively and pleasing atmosphere. The song has a distinctive flavor with the inclusion of some off-key singing.

⑥ Playa Haters

The mysteriously undulating high-pitched synthesizer tones create a trance-inducing atmosphere, while the lightly tapped snare sounds, ticking away steadily, resonate pleasantly. The laid-back flow of the two MCs also contributes to increasing the chill factor.

When you think of Houston around this time, the impression is often gritty and banging tunes, but this album makes abundant use of transparent synthesizers. Moreover, the laid-back atmosphere and tranquility emanating from the raps of the two MCs help to gently smooth things out. It's not the desolation of the ghetto in the American South but rather, it brings to mind a leisurely countryside landscape.

-Dope E, G-Rap, Huston, Ice Mike, Mid 90s, Texas, Tiger