G-Funk Horror Core Huston Mid 90s Texas

【Horror Core】【G-Funk】Ganksta NIP – Psychotic Genius

Huston, Texas, In 1996, Producer: Mike B. (2) (2, 4, 8), Swift (5) (1, 5, 7, 9)

NIP started out in a group called "The Forever Def Crew". This group consisted of NIP and Klondike Kat. Ganksta Nip is the originator of the horrorcore rap style(the psycho style). Nip and another South Park legend, "K-Rock Def" mastered the style and Nip took it to the level it is at today. Ganksta Nip's 1st cd "South Park Psycho" put the S.P.C. name on the map in 1991 when it was released worldwide on rap-a-lot records. Nip is also known for writing the Geto Boys hit "Chuckie".

⑤ Slaughterhouse

Eerily undulating high-pitched synths and bass tones, coupled with deep, impactful vocals, beautifully realize a Horror Core vibe. Recommended for fans of tracks like Dr. Dre and Ice Cube's 'Natural Born Killaz'.

⑨ Peace To Da Young G's

Seductively undulating high-pitched synths and ominously punctuated keyboard tones, coupled with a rugged chorus shouting 'Peace To Da Young G's!', create a cool dark romantic G-Funk vibe!

As an artist often regarded as a pioneer of Horror Core, their sound indeed guarantees a chilling atmosphere with icy synths and keyboard tones, coupled with the unsettling rumble of low-flying bass. The incorporation of G-Funk elements makes the sound even more intriguing, almost tempting one to label it as 'Horror G-Funk.' It's a truly fascinating piece of work.

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