Bounce D.J. Paul Horror Core Juicy "J" Late 90s Memphis Tennessee

【Horror Core】【Bounce】Tear Da Club Up Thugs Of Three 6 Mafia – CrazyNDaLazDayz

Memphis, Tennessee, In 1999, Producer: D.J. PaulJuicy "J"

It goes without saying, but this is the separate unit of DJ Paul, Juicy J, and Lord Infamous from the renowned Three 6 Mafia. A distinctive horrorcore sound, featuring sharp drums and chilling keyboard tones, directly descended from Three 6 Mafia, is their trademark.

③ Smoked Out

The frigid, sharp hi-hats and equally freezing keyboard tones create a dynamic tension throughout the song in this Memphis hardcore shit. The biting flow is also a trademark, delivering as promised.

⑳ All Dirty Hoes

Gangsta Boo's sharp and lively flow, seamlessly joining from the core, shines through. Paired with the robust hi-hats and the unsettling, up-tempo piano tones, the song is impeccably crafted into a thrilling composition. Consistent quality, as expected.

It's an album from a legendary and representative unit in Horror Core, alongside NYC's Mobb Deep and Sacramento's Brotha Lynch Hung. The albums consistently carry a ferocity that feels like resentment is embedded in every bass, drum, and synth tone. The crude and violent lyrics remain as consistent as ever, and one can't help but admire that continuity. The brutality of Memphis's ghetto easily comes to mind.

-Bounce, D.J. Paul, Horror Core, Juicy "J", Late 90s, Memphis, Tennessee