California G-Rap Los Angeles Mid 90s

【G-Rap】Seven – Seven

California, In 1997, Producer: Criss DuBois, Keith Sterling

A rapper originally from California, resided in Laguna Beach (CA), Long Beach (CA), New York & Belize. He got his name ``SEVEN`` from being called like that after getting shot and placed in a coma for SEVEN days.

③ Die 4 U

A melancholic tone of the keyboard, the melancholy vocals of a female singer, and Seven's fast flow, conveying a sense of urgency as if being chased, make for an excellent track.

⑪ Jewel

The melancholic tones of the keyboard, coupled with the lethargic and ephemeral vocals of a female singer, create an exquisitely heart-clenching Mellow G-rap.

Throughout the entire album, the tracks infused with melancholy and dusk, along with the singer's vocals, evoke a sense of ecstasy. Seven's fast flow serves as a selling point for this album. Close your eyes while listening, and you might envision the scene of a mouse speeding along a beach at dusk.

-California, G-Rap, Los Angeles, Mid 90s