G-Rap Huston Late 90s Sinclair Texas

【G-Rap】Precise – Cripplestylskins

Huston, Texas, In 1998, Producer: Bishop "Stick" BurrellRodney XSinclairWesley Stewart

Precise released his debut album in 1995 through Large Investment Records, entitled "Da Soul". Three years later, it was followed by his sophomore release, "Cripplestylskins", on B.E.M. Entertainment. Both are regarded as local classics & are hard to find (especially "Da Soul", that goes for a very high price).

⑦ Paper Thin

A mellow and smooth killer track that will undoubtedly pierce the heart of those who love Urban Mellow Sound! The keyboard tones bring a sense of ecstasy, coupled with the transparent and lyrical voice of a female singer. The emotional guitar tones guarantee an enraptured experience. Nothing is excessive, and nothing is lacking.

⑳ "Granny" Tha Dedication

The combination of sharp strings descending from the sky, a smooth guitar, and the emotional vocals of the singer creates an outstanding harmony. The heartfelt rap from Precise, expressing emotions towards a departed grandmother, resonates deeply and strikes the heart..

Throughout the entire album, the standout features are the sparkling urban instrumentals and the precise craftsmanship of the singers, creating a distinctive smooth G-Rap sound. The compatibility with the laid-back flow of Precise is also wonderfully exceptional. The album is thoughtfully structured with easily relatable funk tracks, ensuring an engaging listening experience that doesn't grow tiresome. Despite the abundance of skits, the 20 tracks swiftly pass by. Undoubtedly, an unmistakable H-town Classic!

-G-Rap, Huston, Late 90s, Sinclair, Texas