Chicago G-Rap Illinois Mid 90s Soundmaster T

【G-Rap】J.D. Walker – The "Career" Criminal

Chicago, Illinois, In 1995, Producer: SoundMaster "T"(1 to 7, 10 to 12)

A gangsta rapper, born in Chicago, Illinois. He began recording and independently producing his own music in 1988-89, through underground shows. an MC with a distinctive, biting flow like an explosive attack.

③ Bring The Noise (Street Mix)

The dynamic, rounded bass tones and jazzy snare sounds blend seamlessly with the transparent synthesizer melodies, while JD's crisp rap sits on top, creating a very pleasant and resonant vibe. It's a masterpiece that combines a sense of exhilaration and ecstasy.

⑦ Slippin' Away

On a melancholic keyboard and a loop of vocal samples, emotional male vocals and shouts ride, creating a highly dramatic composition. JD's flow also carries a sense of emotion, and the overall result is a well-crafted and emotionally charged song.

Many songs have a relaxed atmosphere derived from the soft tones of each instrument. On top of that, the fast flow of the MC moves briskly and pleasantly, creating a refreshing vibe. It's the kind of album you'd want to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon on the terrace, basking in the sunlight with a Perrier. It should set the stage for a chill and enjoyable moment.

-Chicago, G-Rap, Illinois, Mid 90s, Soundmaster T