Austin G-Rap Mid 90s Texas

【G-Rap】First Degree  – Temperatures Rising

Austin, Texas, In 1997, Producer: B-Double-O

A Rap group consisting of 4 members who originate from the Austin Metropolitan Area (Austin and Round Rock). After 2 EP releases the group down sized to 2 members and changed their name to Critical Issue and released 2 more releases (another EP and a full LP).

④ Where's Your Love Gone?

A slow funk with a brilliant transparency that captivates with melancholic keyboard tones from the beginning. The eloquent and lustrous vocals of a female singer, coupled with a well-crafted and emotionally charged flow, make it an outstanding piece.

⑥ Mr. President (Come Take A Ride)

Smooth funk with a sublime chorus intertwined effortlessly with the soft and resonant tones of a gentle synth, creating a naturally soothing atmosphere.

Throughout, the production stands out with lingering low bass, crisp snares, transparent keyboard tones, and the vocals of a female singer. A mellowness-filled masterpiece that you wouldn't expect from the fiery album cover!

-Austin, G-Rap, Mid 90s, Texas