California Early 00s G-Rap Los Angeles

【G-Rap】Chap Cheezee – Life Iza Gamble

Los Angeles, California, In 2000, Executive-Producer – Darryl CrawfordEugene Montgomery

Gangsta Rapper from Los Angeles, California.

⑤ Rhyme Or Crime

The enchanting tones of the keyboard and the mellow sound of the Talk Box create a dramatic mood. This is the kind of stuff you want to sip Hennessy to while listening.

⑧ G String

A classic West Coast Gangsta Rap with a thick, distorted bass roaring. The dry snare sound complements it well, creating a perfect match. It's a track that overwhelms with the pressure of sound.

The album is dominated by heavy bass and drums forming the backbone, showcasing a Heavy Funk sound. It remains faithful to the West Coast Manner and can be aptly referred to as a textbook for orthodox Gangsta Rap.

-California, Early 00s, G-Rap, Los Angeles