California Clint "Payback" Sands DJ Battlecat G-Funk Los Angeles Mid 90s

【G-Funk】Dazzie Dee – The Re-Birth

Los Angeles, California, In 1996, Producer – Clint "Payback" Sands (1), DJ Battlecat (2, 4 to 7, 9), Dazzie Dee (1 to 5, 7 to 10)

Dazzie Dee is an American West Coast hip hop rapper and record producer who has collaborated and affiliated with artists such as Suga Free, Mausberg, DJ QuikIce CubeShade Sheist,[1] K-DeeKool G RapCoolio, Mixmaster Spade, Yo-YoDa Lench Mob, and many more.

② Knee Deep

On the undulating thick bass, the metallic sounds resonate calmly, accompanied by the smooth talkbox, creating a pleasant and classic Battlecat-style G-Funk vibe!

⑩ Where You From? (Westside Hoodsta Re-Mix) Featuring – King TeeMixmaster SpadeRuff DoggToddy Tee

This is yet another textbook G-Funk anthem featuring seductive high-pitched synths and a lingering low-frequency bass, resonating lazily. The laid-back flows of each MC fit perfectly, allowing you to feel the chill breeze of Southern California.

It's a creation that proudly declares the essence of G-Funk with its thick, undulating bass that crawls like the earth, powerful snares and kicks, intricate high-pitched synths, and a laid-back, chill flow. While tracks produced by Dazzied Dee himself are fantastic, there's something truly remarkable about the fusion of Battlecat's robust production and the atmospheric vibe of the golden age of G-Funk. The resulting track is like a crystallized gemstone. Placing a signboard with 'Battlecat' at the same height as one that reads 'Dr. Dre' would cause no discomfort, establishing Battlecat as an undisputed G-Funk producer.

-California, Clint "Payback" Sands, DJ Battlecat, G-Funk, Los Angeles, Mid 90s