Bay-Funk California G-Funk Mid 90s Scaramento

【G-Funk】【Bay-Funk】Homicide – The Plantation

Sacramento, California, In 1995, Producer: Homicide

Homicide is an American hip hop artist from the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California.
Passed away in 2020.

⑤ Ride-4-Ever

This track exudes the quintessential G-Funk essence, featuring impactful kicks and a crisp snare. The transparent tones of synthesizers create a captivating backdrop for Homicide's deep-flowing vocals. The addition of alluring female vocals further enriches the classic G-Funk vibe, making it a standout in the genre.

⑫ Homicide (f. Cougnut) - It Don't Stop

This track offers a satisfying experience with its substantial bass and world-weary synthesizers. Cougnut's gravelly flow as a guest artist adds an enjoyable layer to the overall composition. It's a delightful piece of music.

This track captures the essence of the Bay Area with its robust and lascivious bass combined with seductive yet malicious synth sounds, making it irresistible for enthusiasts. Homicide's deep voice and well-crafted flow add a captivating touch, ensuring that the listener remains engaged without getting bored.

-Bay-Funk, California, G-Funk, Mid 90s, Scaramento