Bay-Funk California Late 90s Pittsburg

【Bay-Funk】Factor  – Tha Bomb Connect

Pittsburg, California, In 1999.

④ Mess We're In

This song brings an indescribable sense of ecstasy with its distorted bass and ethereal keyboard sounds. It's an urban mellow tune that perfectly complements the atmosphere of night high-rise buildings.

⑧ Livin

The mellifluous vocals of a female singer, smooth and translucent like silk, promise an exquisite Bay-Funk experience in this mellow tune. The high viscosity drums, along with the transparent tones of the keyboards, blend seamlessly into the urban landscape of night, weaving a smooth musical narrative.

This album stands out with its distinctive Bay Area lethargy, featuring high viscosity drums and synth sounds. The delicate tones of the keyboard and the ephemeral vocals of the singer beautifully embellish the composition, creating a mellow and sweet album. A must-listen for enthusiasts, the finish is irresistible.

-Bay-Funk, California, Late 90s, Pittsburg